About Approved America Consulting

Approved America Consulting delivers insight and a comprehensive suite of contract fulfillment services to agile organizations in a state of flux due to external pressures, such as regulatory reform or internal pressures, including recent acquisitions, leadership turnover or widespread dissatisfaction with current processes. Our clients are government agencies, corporations, institutions and non profits organizations on a global scale.

The Approved America Consulting firm was founded in 2012 by a well rounded team of top tier change-agents working a new B2B playbook in strategic contract consulting and bringing proven track records,  creative innovation engineering and the career experience in government contracts, consulting and processes fulfillment.

Managing Partners :

Rhonda Coleman Albazie
Approved America Investor | Serial Entrepreneur

Stan Coleman
Approved America Investor | Retired U.S. Military Officer

Approved America Consulting leads with insights meant to upend our clients approach to its business by providing the coaching, professional interaction and impeccable service our firm is known for throughout each and every business relationship and contract transaction.

Get Approved. Approved America Consulting :

  • Targets and engages organizational mobilizers
  • Delivers relevant and provocative insight
  • Informs our clients of their unknown organizational needs
  • Presents research in practice by answering hard questions
  • Coaches our clients toward effective decisions
  • Prioritizes customer agility, urgency and decisiveness
  • Pursues clients in a state of organizational flux
  • Provides the highest ethical and professional standards
  • Meets the ever changing, complex needs of our clients
  • Dispatches work teams quickly and efficiently
  • Offers unparalleled excellence in work quality across platforms
  • Models superior mobility, flexibility and cutting edge technology
  • Strategically located with offices in America and globally


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Our Newsletter

Several Approved America Consulting companies are SBA-certified 8(a) delivering diverse development products and services to government and corporate clients. These services include program management, information technology, technical and administrative support, medical and dental staffing, aviation and space technical support, construction, manufacturing, engineering, property management, and logistics.